What is the great thing about FREND?

FREND is a foldable wheelbarrow. But at the same time FREND does not compromise when it comes to durability and volume. When folded, FREND can easily be stored away by hanging it at the wall. This way you can use your space for other hobbies.

What is the volume that fits into FREND?

Into your FREND you can load up to 90 liters. And a bit more when you mount it up a bit.

How much does FREND itself weigh?
FREND itself will finally weigh around 12kg. This was our target since we started this. Durable but too heavy so that it can be used and stored by everyone. This equals a six-pack of 2 liter bottles.
What is the maximum load I can fill into FREND?
Up to 60kg are easily possible. This is a lot already,

How much will be the retail price for FREND?

FREND will ba available at 199.-

Starting with mid 2018 there will be a pre-sales campaign at a specially attractive discount price. Additonally we will provide special treats for early-buyers, so-called backers.

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Where will FREND be fabricated?
We are currently in talks with different potential partners. This decision will be made soon and will depend on quality and reliability of our partners in choice.
Has there been a patent filed for FREND?
We filed the patent in march 2018. Thumbs up!
Do you have to be big and tall to take FREND off the wall and use it?
No. We designed this especially to be an easy helper for active people. Equally robust and light. That was always our target.
How big is the wheel?
The wheel measures 39cm in diameter. This is at the very top referring size for wheelbarrows. It is maintenance free because of the full rubber material.
Is FREND waterproof?
Nein, leider nicht. Der Faltmechanichmus lasst keine absolute Dichtheit zu.
If FREND is not waterproof, is it at all possible to load and transport sand and small-sized bits?
Yes, of course. This works especially well. No doubt. That´s what it´s made for.
How long does it take to unfold FREND for use?
Just a moment. Maybe 3 seconds.
Can one person alone make use of FREND?
Of course. FREND can be taken from the wall by one person. The foldable box can be unfolded wihtin seconds by one person as well. Just you and your FREND!
How do I get my new FREND?
Ordering can be done easily via Kickstarter.com. Once your FREND is there, we will send it to you right away.
Who can I ask when I have got questions?

We are a young austrian team, located in Vienna and always taking care of our FRENDs.

You can go to our contact site here on our homepage or send us an email to info@frend.at.

We aim to answer all requests within 24hrs workdays.

We are happy to hear fro you!

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Why can´t I simply order FREND online on this homepage?

We invested a lot of time and energy into this project. In order to make sure we are on the right track, we need to test our approach.

Setting up a good online shop also costs money, so we decided to do this only once we got confirmed this works well and that you like it.

How can I order via Kickstarter?
The link to this kickstarter campaign will be available here on our sites. And of course in our newsltter, facebook channel, instagram channnels, etc.
What is the expect time of shipment for my FREND when I order it via kickstarter?
The whole campaign will start around late summer. And will take 4 to 5 weeks. After this it is immediately clear if we reached our target and can start production. Shipment of your FREND will then start early 2019. So that everything is ready for next outdoor and garden season.