FREND is a pack of small solutions. Since the first idea we had numerous meetings, prototypes, producer and client discussions, a survey and material tests.
Functionality and design are also dependent from the right selection of materials. So we work on the right mix of durability and reduced wight.
At the heart of this project is the foldable bowl. So shape and design of the side elements are essential for functionality and robustness.


FREND Scheibtruhe Bolzen
The unfolded bowl can be easily be disassembled by releasing the bolts.
FREND Scheibtruhe Vorderkante
The front side additionally provides a special bow to strengthen the bowl. This makes it possible for heavier load to be spilled out easily.
FREND Scheibtruhe StandfuƟ
Also the stand foot is a special solution. It can be unclipped from the base of the bowl and fixated when in use. This prevents from unwanted folding of the stand foot when in use.
FREND Scheibtruhe Seitenteil
The base and side elements of the bowl are made of specially treated metal and surface to protect hands from sharp corners.
FREND Scheibtruhe Griff
The grips are made of high-quality rubber to protect against unhealthy remainders. Holes allow for hanging the FREND on to the wall when folded to be stored away. Especially for a more convenient carrying experience we decided to go with a oval tube for the silver carrying construction. This, in contrast to round or edgy cross section requires the minimum effort when carrying heavy load.
FREND Scheibtruhe Magnet
At the right side element of the bowl a magnet is placed to allow for keeping all elements in place when not being in use. So the FREND stays compact without any additional tool.
FREND Scheibtruhe Rad
The full-rubber wheel can be taken off when stored away or being transported. The axis is based on a quick clamping device known from mountain biking.